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× party like a ROCKSTARR 
11:34pm 21/04/2005
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11:37pm 24/03/2005

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07:55pm 07/03/2005

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04:33pm 04/03/2005
  WOw, Ive been saying, I need to go update, and I haven't got around to it, but geuss what?!?! I am!

1st block: had fun, talked about religion, democrats, republicnas, ya know, that thing.

2nd block: played pataminos almost the whole block.

3rd block: hung around, they did searches, I freaked bc of, nvm u can't know, but I freaked out, got stressed, confused and yeah. I cried bc of the searches, and there are reasons, but obviously, Im not telling you! David and Alison came out of their classrooms screaming ewwww!

4th block: Watched the miracle of life, it was interesting, I watched the whole intire thing, it was soooo interesting, and at the end, everyone is all EWWW, Im all get over it, I thought it was interesting, and they r all eww no, and then Im all thats the way most of you were born, so get over ti!

I was suppose to go to David after school, but he was checkered out, so I may go hang out over there in a bit, and if my mom lets me Ill be over there forever talkign to all the guys, lol I think I get along with guys more than I do chicks! My mommy said my daddy isn't coming home, oh well!

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12:00pm 27/11/2004
mood: cold
hey all you lovely kids .. it's xSPECiAL_CASEx .. just with a new username! i really wanna get this community back up cuz my computer isn't satanic anymore. i'll start posting again and all that other fun community stuff.


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Party Like A Rock Star part 2 
07:58pm 02/11/2004

those are my shoes. i just was able to get on this comp. and post them

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Party Like A Rock Star 
11:34am 02/11/2004
mood: amused

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06:27pm 20/10/2004
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07:01pm 04/09/2004
mood: calm
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04:37pm 06/08/2004
  hello everyone. this is pinktuxedo with my new username. just thought i'd let you know. :)  

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sorry times pants 
08:23pm 31/07/2004
  bleh..i was at the beach for a week..that's why i never rated anyone or anything...but i am back now! (whoo hoo! lol)


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Party like a RockStar !!! 
12:18am 26/07/2004
mood: out fo control !!!!

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05:10pm 17/07/2004

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party like a rockstar 
03:32pm 09/07/2004

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Hey kids. 
04:40pm 09/07/2004
mood: cheerful


yeah, that's right. you better go apply. they're awesome and nice.
(the banner is the link, cuz i rock and figured out that i can do that.)

<3 Lex


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was it something i did, was it something you said... 
12:10pm 08/07/2004
mood: crazy

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man oh man... 
08:50am 08/07/2004
mood: tired
i wish people would join. oh well. i guess we can keep waiting right?! ok, that's about it. later gangsters!

(oh and lauren, i love the banners!)

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..x wasting words on lower cases and capitals x.. 
10:17pm 07/07/2004
mood: creative

Hey my lovers <3

I have banners you can put in your userinfo with an imagecode. If you need help let me know. And there are two sexy ones that I made so you can choose :)

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..x come one, come all ... to 1984 x.. 
07:52pm 07/07/2004
  y0 kids. this is _brokenxtears_ ... i just got a new journal.

Add me if you like!



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i guess i should be doing this too... 
06:13pm 07/07/2004
mood: dorky

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